What Makes Us Tick

The Morning Grind Club is a faith based organization that connects young professionals in the western world to mission work. 

We envision a world where young professionals can show up to work dressed in a manner that expresses their young energy and reflects their bold personality.

Our mission is to transform the average young man into a confident, sharp dressed, caffeinated machine.

As a young man, we understand it can cost a fortune to build an impressive wardrobe full of nice ties & other fashionable accessories. We aim to solve this issue by providing a value packed box every month that will help young men dress to impress. The Morning Grind Box provides value to the consumer by providing a low cost solution to curating nice ties, bowties, pocket squares, and socks to provide them a wardrobe that coordinates & continues to advance as they do. 

We believe that fashion fosters opportunity & connects people. As a small business, it is our duty to spread love farther and wider than we could as individuals. We are able to create opportunity for lives around the world every month through our loyalty to Samaritan's Purse. Every month that you subscribe, we donate a portion of our profits to a different ministry project through Samaritan's Purse. Their projects range from U.S. Disaster Relief & Human trafficking prevention, to Word Medical Mission. Not only do we give, but we also work with other socially driven organizations. Beyond being drawn towards and connecting with similarly high fashion individuals,


the entire purpose of our being is to connect our customers, young professionals in the western world, to people of poverty & helplessness around the world.

Beyond our customers, we value generosity, boldness, & serving. Thank you for allowing us to give well beyond the tithe & serve hurting communities world wide.

If you've been wanting to advance your tie collection & personal philanthropy, give our subscription box a shot here.